Monday, December 25, 2006

What the mass media won't tell you about France

We are now living historical moments. Although the mass media is still trying to smooth things out by using some "politically correct" language, Europe in general and France in particular are in dire straits.

France is not what the average American thinks it is. France is known in the US for being romantic, with an eternal good weather and good food. In other words, France is always presented as a paradise on Earth.

However, there are lots of things that have been going on for about 35 years now, in France. France is dying. Its population is not even having enough babies to replace generations. Its economy is entangled in a stupid vision of the economy that refuses to acknowledge that free markets only can generate growth. In France, you are punished for being successful through ridiculously high taxes and no hope for a better future.

France has a history of being ruled by an elite class who has always despised the average Joe. Forget about equal opportunity for all as it is in the US. The current ruling class in France is no different. Even though the Monarchy was wiped away by the French Revolution of 1789, today's France hasn't changed that much. It is commonly accepted that about 10,000 people only are ruling the whole country. This includes the elected officials, of course, but also the media, the "show business" and a few "big mouths" who define what is politically correct and enforce it through a shameless censorship.

There are even more dramatic events taking place right now. The French ruling elite decided about 35 years ago to implement the "Arab policy" of France. Behind this PC name lies the doom of the country. The French "establishment" has agreed to create a Euro-arab empire in order to compete with the US that the elite despises so much. The process of fusing both sides of the Mediterranean sea is well advanced now and it is starting to backfire. The new entity already has a name: Eurabia.

This blog aims at providing a different angle at the events happening in France that will shape the world in the future. This blog will not be politically correct.

The situation is so desperate now that a new French Revolution is in the making. It is called the "Révolution bleue" or the blue revolution, referring to the blue scarves that are used as a symbol for those who refuse to see France die. A link to one of the many web sites supporting the "blue revolution" is here: